Commit 62f315b7 authored by Achmad Fathoni's avatar Achmad Fathoni Committed by Oskar Roesler
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Fix hardcoded ros distro

parent 14aa81c3
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ class Routines:
'packages', [repo])
for pkg in pkg_list:
siblings = len(pkg_list)-1
pkgname = 'ros-melodic-{}'.format(re.sub('_', '-', pkg))
pkgname = 'ros-{}-{}'.format(self.get_ros_distro(), re.sub('_', '-', pkg))
ros_dict[pkgname] = {'repo': repo, 'siblings': siblings, 'orig_name': pkg,
'pkgname': pkgname, 'src': src, 'pkgver': pkgver, 'dl': dl, 'url': url}
return ros_dict
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