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A helper tool and a collection of various scripts making building, updating and collaborating of/on Arch Linux ROS packages easier.
Prequisites: Python>=3.8, git, devtools
[Set up ABS build chroot](
Set a folder where the built packages should get into.
Add this folder as repo.
Use repo-add manually for now.
usage: rosaur [-h] [-v | -q] {clone,pull,build,deploy,update} package
positional arguments:
clone Clone a package to packages/package_name
pull Pull the latest version of a package
build Build a package in a clean chroot
deploy Build package and push to AUR if build was successfull
update Update a Package to the latest available version on ROSIndex, optional commit and push
package Package name (Use 'all' if you want all)
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Increase verbosity
-q, --quiet Suppress output
`scripts/` contains various helper scripts needed once, names should be self-explaining
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